If you can’t make your mortgage payment as a result of COVID-19, reach out to your mortgage servicer (the entity you make your mortgage payment to every month) right away to ask about the relief options they are offering to borrowers. Many arrangements will allow you to put your payments on hold for 180 days. NOTE: this is not loan forgiveness as you will ultimately be responsible for paying back the total amount deferred. Most often, the amount is tacked on to the end of your loan but in some cases you may be asked to pay the amount in one lump sum. Be sure to document the terms of your arrangements. If you are already behind/have missed mortgage payment or need additional support in sorting out your financial obligations, contact the non-profit agencies below.

Milwaukee County & Housing Resources, Inc.
The purpose of the Milwaukee County Mortgage Assistance Program is to aid in foreclosure prevention by providing emergency assistance in the form of a grant on behalf of Milwaukee County homeowners who are delinquent in their mortgage payments due to job loss or reduced work hours and wages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Housing Resources, Inc. is accepting applications for Milwaukee County Mortgage Assistance through December 31st, 2021. Depending on eligibility and date of income interruption, direct one-time assistance on behalf of the homeowner(s) may be provided for up to six (6) months. Missed mortgage payments starting March 1, 2020 will be reviewed to the date of application. Additional payments will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. View eligibility guidelines, a list of the required documents, and apply online here. Questions? Contact the Mortgage Help Line at 414-369-6914 or email

GreenPath’s foreclosure prevention services are free. Their HUD-certified housing counselors can talk to your lender, help you apply for specific programs, and explore options to help you stay in your home. If you have already applied for mortgage forbearance and your pause in payments is coming to and end, utilize this online course developed by GreenPath to help you understand the options you may have available. Get suggestions for next steps that are most aligned with your goals.
Contact: 877-290-6974 or visit

If you have already received a foreclosure filing notice, contact Mediate Milwaukee to apply for mediation services. Foreclosure mediation helps homeowners facing foreclosure work with their mortgage companies through the assistance of a mediator. The mediator is a professional who understands mortgage companies’ loan modification review process and who is trained to improve communication between the parties. Mediate Milwaukee staff can help you explore options to allow that may allow you to keep your home, or plan a respectable exit strategy.
Call: 414-939-8800 or visit

Did you know that state and federal laws prohibit people from charging you up front for help with foreclosure prevention, or with lowering your mortgage interest rate? Collecting your money first, before help is provided, is illegal and a scam. Scam artists often target homeowners who are struggling to meet their mortgage and use pressuring techniques that may cause you to sell your home unnecessarily or pay for assistance that is never provided. If you think you may have been victimized by a mortgage rescue scam contact the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council at 414-278-1240.


Si no puede realizar su pago de hipoteca como resultado del COVID-19, contacte a su servicer inmediatamente para conocer opciones de alivio. Si ya está atrás en sus pagos o necesita apoyo adicional para colocar en orden sus obligaciones financieras, contacte a las organizaciones sin fines de lucro mencionadas abajo.

Programa de Asistencia Hipotecaria del Condado de Milwaukee
Dueños-Ocupantes en Milwaukee pueden ser elegibles para recibir hasta seis meses de asistencia financiera en forma de un pago para cubrir pagos de hipotecas que no fueron realizados después del 1 de marzo de 2020. Aplicaciones estarán siendo aceptadas por Housing Resources, Inc. hasta el 31 de Diciembre del 2021. ¿Preguntas? Contacta la Línea de Ayuda Hipotecaria al (414) 369-6914 o envía un correo electrónico a
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Consejeros de Vivienda de GreenPath pueden evaluar su situación financiera en su totalidad, identificar opciones, ayudarle a conectar con su servicer hipotecario y desarrollar un plan personalizado para permitirle permanecer en su hogar.
877-290-6974 o visite

¿Sabía que las leyes estatales y federales prohíben que personas le cobren por adelantado para ayudarle con la prevención de ejecuciones hipotecarias o para reducir los interés de su hipoteca? Cobrar su dinero primero, antes de que se le brinde ayuda, es ilegal y una estafa. Los estafadores se dirigen a dueños de casas que luchan por cumplir con su hipoteca. Si cree que puede haber sido víctima de una estafa de rescate hipotecario llame a contact the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council at 414-278-1240.