Clarke Square

Clarke Square

Clarke Square is one of the most diverse communities in Milwaukee offering a multicultural array of shops, restaurants, churches, and community based activities. Clarke Square is a family-oriented hardworking community. Through grassroots initiatives, Clarke Square residents are spreading the word that their neighborhood is a great place to live and learn, work and play, worship, shop, and serve.

Neighborhood ARea: Clarke Square is bounded by East – Cesar Chavez Drive (16th Street), South – W Greenfield Avenue, West – S Layton Boulevard (27th Street), North – Menomonee Valley. Click here for Clarke Square’s Neighborhood Map (PDF)


Clarke Square’s housing stock is diverse and dense. The neighborhoods 44 residential blocks feature 1, 157 residential properties. Many of the houses were built around the turn of the 20th Century when Clark Sqaure’s population began to grow at an increased rate. In terms of residential capacity of the housing stock, 42% (487) properties are single-family, 37% (432) are duplexes, and 21% (238) are multi-family or multi-unit structures.

Homes in Clarke Square range in price from $20, 600 to $190, 500 with a median price for homes at $59, 300.


Clarke Square’s green spaces offer abundant room for recreational and organized activities. Mitchell Park is most known for the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (The Domes) but also serves as host to the Journey House Packers Stadium, volleyball courts, and a gateway to Three Bridges Park and the Hank Aaron Trail. Clarke Square Park, located more centrally within the neighborhood, is a popular recreational site for youth of all ages and their families. Click HERE for the Clarke Square Park map!

Journey House

The Factory, an old Straw Hat Factory building on 23rd Street, between W Scott Street and W Greenfield Street, houses an abundance of creativity ranging from commercial printing to woodworking/wood restoration to music rehearsal space. This four-story building is one-of-a-kind in the residential part of the neighborhood, yet it fits in seamlessly with the creative nature of Clarke Square.

Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative works with neighbors and organizations who want to help Clarke Square reach its highest level of prosperity by offering the chance for neighbors to explore their full potential.


To learn more about the Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative, contact Lee Valentyn at 414.647.0548 x 111or . You can also visit

2110 W. Scott Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 647-0548