KK River Neighborhood & Pulaski Park

16th Street Community Health Centers

Sixteenth Street Community Health Center (SSCHC) plays a vital role in the community by providing primary health care services and leadership on environmental health education and community planning on Milwaukee’s south side. SSCHC understands the connections between healthy neighborhoods and healthy people and works closely with the KK River Neighbors in Action Resident Group. Together they are working to improve health and quality of life for families on Milwaukee’s south side. located on Milwaukee’s South side, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers has been providing high quality health care, health education, and social services for residents within Milwaukee’s multi-cultured neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Area: The Kinnickinnic River Neighborhood boundaries are defined as the area from S. 27th Street to interstate 43/94 and W. Oklahoma Ave. to W. Lincoln Ave.


The housing stock in the Pulaski Park neighborhood is diverse. Many of the homes were built over 50 years ago and are full of their original historic character. The homeownership rate is approximately 38% and homes sell on average for just over $1000,000.


Public Spaces
Pulaski Park is one of the largest assets in the neighborhood. The park’s pavillion is undergoing over $220,000 in renovations, art benches that were installed in 2017 and a sledding hill make this park unique. The Kinnickinnic River runs through the neighborhood, and with support from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), a flood management system was put in which replaced the rivers concrete banks with wider, more natural channel to considerably lower flood risks and enhance the river’s aquatic and terrestrial environment.

Community Gardens & Events
Organized by the KK River Neighbors in Action, the KK River neighborhood boasts large parks community and gardens that host a variety of community events throughout the year. Events include Bloom & Groom, cooking classes, ethnic celebrations, neighborhood clean-ups, movie nights and many more.

Active Neighborhood Association
The KK River Neighbors in Action (KK NIA) is a grassroots community group that the Department helped jump start to update and encourage resident participation in the many large-scale environmental projects taking place in their neighborhood. KK NIA supports the Department’s efforts to build a healthier and more sustainable community by helping people get to know one another, feel safe and invest in their community. Through the KK NIA’s outreach and encouragement, neighbors are working together to tackle and advocate for projects that will improve the quality of life and transform the built and natural environment within the KK River neighborhood.  These include streetscape improvements, selecting and assisting in the design and installation of public art within Pulaski Park, coordinating neighborhood and river clean-ups, hosting annual picnics and other special events, and advocating for safer streets and expanded recreational, economic, and housing opportunities.

For more information about SSCHC contact 414.897.5596 or visit www.sschc.org today!