What is Take Root Milwaukee?

Take Root Milwaukee is a consortium of over 55 community organizations, neighborhood groups, housing counseling agencies, Realtors, and lenders working to promote sustainable homeownership in the City of Milwaukee. Take Root Milwaukee members offer free or low-cost services that can help you buy, keep, or fix a home.

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Take Root Milwaukee is a program of the Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin (UEDA), who provides administrative support and works in collaboration with its 50+ members.

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Heather Dummer Combs, Take Root Milwaukee Program Director
heather@uedawi.org | 414-562-9904

Quick Links

  • BUY A Home
    Buying a home is a big step and assuming a mortgage for that home is a big responsibility. Take Root Milwaukee recommends that everyone starting on the path to homeownership by working with a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency. Visit our Getting Started page for more information on homeownership education and links to members that provide this free or low-cost service.
  • KEEP Your Home
    No one expects to fall behind on their mortgage payments or lose their home to foreclosure, but sometimes the unexpected challenges of life can make the responsibility of homeownership a tough one. If financial difficulties are threatening your ability to keep your home, click here to contact Take Root Milwaukee members that can help you.
  • FIX Your Home
    Looking for assistance to help you complete rehab on your home? Do you need guidance on working with a contractor? Learn about the program and services Take Root Milwaukee members offer that can help you fix your home.

Not sure where to look?

Call the Take Root Milwaukee hotline at 414-921-4149 to be connected to assistance or contact us online here.

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