Financing Your Home

If you’re looking for a home mortgage for the first time, it may be difficult to sort through all the financing options that are available. A good loan officer will help you navigate the process and help you choose the loan product that is right for you. It is important to be an informed consumer when it comes to choosing a home mortgage product and selecting a lender that fits your needs.


Associated Bank
Offers fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, as well as government loans such as VA and FHA.
Contact: Eduardo Herrera-Mier | Office: 414-283-2587
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BMO Harris Bank
Offers fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, and programs like FHA and Home Possible.
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Offers fix and adjustable rate mortgages, jumbo loans and FHA & VA mortgage loans and low down payment options as low as 3%, minimum credit score of 620. A customer is eligible for the $2500 Chase Homebuyer Grant when the subject property address is located in a LMI Tract.
Contact: Nadia Coronado | Office: 312-732-1760
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Offers fixed, adjustable, and variable rate mortgages as well as a variety of unique mortgage programs and offers.
Contact: Anne Furey | Office: 414-291-7114
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First Midwest Bank
First Midwest Bank offers more than 50 mortgage loan options.
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Great Midwest Bank
We offer personalized, common sense lending for home mortgage loans, jumbo loans, construction loans, renovation loans, mortgage refinancing, and more to anyone looking to buy a home, from experienced homeowners to first time home buyers.
Contact: Brenda Brown | Office: 414-352-3710
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Johnson Bank
Offers fixed & adjustable rate loans; construction, condo and jumbo loans; affordable home loans and home equity loans.
Contact: Marlene Castillo | Office: 414-220-5087
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North Shore Bank
We have a loan for whatever your situation may be.
Whether you’re buying your first home, moving to better-suit your growing family, or building the home of your dreams, we want to help you along the way. Here you’ll find the tools, resources, and expert assistance to make your journey toward homeownership the best it can be.
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PNC Bank
Offers fixed & adjustable rate loans; jumbo loans; and FHA and VA loans.
Contact: Loan Officer search
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PyraMax Bank
Offers conventional fixed rate mortgage loans (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac); adjustable rate loans; WHEDA mortgage loans; construction; jumbo loans; FHA and VA loans, and home equity loans.
Contact: Gary White | Office: 414-235-5107
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U.S. Bank
Offers fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans; jumbo loans; new construction loans; FHA & VA loans; and investment property loans.
Contact: Chester L. Bell, Jr. | Office: 708-655-2969
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Wells Fargo
Offers purchase, refinance, and home equity lines of credit as well as FHA & VA.
Contact: Charlton Seward | Office: 414-302-4117
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Offers several different options for mortgages! Use the Find a WHEDA Lender Tool to help you locate a lender that partners for a Conventional Mortgage, First-Time Home Buyer (FTHB) Mortgage, Federal Housing Administrated (FHA) Mortgage, or the WHEDA Tax Advantage (MCC) program.