Property Tax Foreclosure

For assistance in developing a plan to help you resolve property tax delinquency issues, please contact the Take Root Milwaukee members listed below:

GreenPath Financial Wellness
877-290-6974 or
GreenPath offers financial counseling on a variety of topics, including foreclosure prevention, debt and credit counseling, and property tax concerns. Their free Debt Management Program is able to administer payments to creditors, including property tax payments. GreenPath offers counseling or interpretation services via phone or in-person in over 170 languages.

Housing Resources Inc.
414-461-6330 or
HRI offers counseling services for people who are having problems with property taxes. Service includes contacting the City Treasury Office to understand exactly how much is owed on taxes and the time frame to address the taxes, as well as helping home owners to develop a budget to afford repayment plan options. HRI also works with home owners who are experiencing problems with escrow accounts due to an increase in the tax bill.