Milwaukee is a thriving city with historic architecture and neighborhoods for everyone. From opportunities to enjoy the shoreline of Lake Michigan, to a thriving culture and arts scene, and award winning parks, Milwaukee is an affordable place in the Midwest to call home. Our neighborhoods are vibrant centers of culture and economic activity, as well as affordable places for families to live and work. Each unique neighborhood has a rich history and an engaging community that is sure to appeal to a variety of people.

These partners are a vital part of the communities they represent and active members of Take Root Milwaukee.

(Layton Boulevard West Neighbors)
LBWN is a non-profit community development organization dedicated to revitalizing some of the most diverse, interesting, and exciting neighborhoods in the City. Milwaukee’s Silver City, Burnham Park, and Layton Park neighborhoods, LBWN serves residents between Layton Boulevard (27th) and Miller Park Way (43rd) and between Pierce Street (the Menomonee Valley) and Lincoln Avenue on Milwaukee’s near southwest side. Contact: Cinthia Hernandez at 414.944.6007 or
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(Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative)
The Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative is committed to improving the quality of life for residents in the Historic Clarke Square Neighborhood. In 2010, they completed a Qualify of Life Plan that strives to honor residents by building on the strong physical and human assets in the community. Contact: Lee Valentyn at 414-647-0548 x111 or at Learn more here >>

(Riverworks Development Corporation)

Riverworks Development Corporation serves as a catalyst for redevelopment, striving to positively impact area businesses and neighborhood residents. The diverse range of programs we manage together with key partnerships we have established allow us to take a comprehensive approach in our efforts to increase community prosperity in our target areas which include the residential neighborhoods of Harambee and Riverwest. Contact Amy Rohan at 414-906-9650 or
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(Havenwoods Neighborhood Partnership)
The Havenwoods neighborhood centered near Silver Spring Drive and 60th Street with an incredible amount to offer for prospective residents. Within the neighborhood’s boundaries lie the 237-acre Havenwoods State Park. Additionally, In the heart of Havenwoods lies a vibrant industrial corridor that includes more than 150 businesses and stretches over 2 square miles. The size and scale of the companies within Havenwoods vary from locally owned, family businesses to large international corporations such as Brady Corporation. Contact: Jessica Noth at 414-431-2271 or Learn more here >>

(Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers)
SSCHC understands the connections between healthy neighborhoods and healthy people and works closely with the KK River Neighbors in Action Resident Group. Together they are working to improve health and quality of life for families on Milwaukee’s south side. Learn more >>

(Near West Side Partners)
Located just west of Downtown Milwaukee, the Near West Side, referred to as the “neighborhood of neighborhoods”, is made up of seven separate unique neighborhoods, each with its own history. Home to a wide range of businesses and the five Anchor Institutions, this vibrant area has many jobs, thriving businesses, nonprofit organizations, high performing schools, healthcare institutions, restaurants and entertainment options. The Near West Side, as defined by the City of Milwaukee, is bound by I-43 (east), HWY 41 (west), Vliet Street and Highland Boulevard (north), I-94 (south).
Contact: Keith Stanley at 414-933-0640 or
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Washington Park
(United Methodist Children’s Services of WI, Inc. [UMCS])

Established in 1962, UMCS has a deep commitment to and long-standing presence in Milwaukee’s Washington Park neighborhood, where it has provided a wide range of social service programs and assistance to low-income, marginalized families, including affordable housing, community health promotion, community organizing, emergency food pantry and family resource center, social work and childcare.
Contact: William Schmitt at 414-344-1818 or
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