Milwaukee is a thriving city with historic architecture and neighborhoods for everyone. From opportunities to enjoy the shoreline of Lake Michigan, to a thriving culture and arts scene, and award winning parks, Milwaukee is an affordable place in the Midwest to call home. Our neighborhoods are vibrant centers of culture and economic activity, as well as affordable places for families to live and work. Each unique neighborhood has a rich history and an engaging community that is sure to appeal to a variety of people.


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  • Map of Milwaukee:  This PDF map displays all the neighborhoods in Milwaukee
  • Neighborhood Associations:  List of Neighborhood Associations in Milwaukee
  • Neighborhoods of Milwaukee:  This article on Wikipedia provides an overview and brief description of many neighborhoods in Milwaukee
  • Neighborhood News Service:  Provides objective, professional reporting on local issues in Milwaukee neighborhoods
  • My Milwaukee Home:  This site provides the user with a variety of facts about a property and its surrounding area. Simply enter a valid City of Milwaukee street address and obtain information such as property details, street parking restrictions, nearest public choice/charter schools and much more.
  • My Milwaukee Neighborhood:  This site provides valuable information about any property in the City of Milwaukee.
  • Neighborhood Portraits:  This site provides access to a wide variety of information for 10 neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee.  There is also information on the past Neighborhood Strategic Planning (NSP) reports for other neighborhoods. By clicking on a name of the neighborhood, you can view a summary of housing and population information.
  • LISC Milwaukee: This site provides access to programs and services available to five Milwaukee communities.